Understanding and protecting oceans

Understanding and protecting oceans

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The Waterborne sector will enhance and better disseminate the European marine science model worldwide for activities at sea and for an enhanced protection of marine sanctuaries and the cleaning of oceans. By 2030, a fully integrated ocean monitoring system, including operational oceanography and meteorology, will be implemented. This system will provide a holistic view of the environmental impact for any maritime operations, enable the EU to carry out large scale plastic depollution operations in the Atlantic, and deploy a marine sanctuary automated surveillance system based on biomimetic sensors.


A sound management of the seas and oceans combined with a sustainable use of marine resources are the key factor for the protection of marine environment. The Waterborne sector will deeper understand the structure and the functioning of marine ecosystems as well as the role of different components of the marine and coastal ecosystems, including both biotic and abiotic processes. This clear understanding will represent the “license to operate” for all marine-maritime industry activities.


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