First anchor tech revolution in centuries

An anchored ship is more at risk of collision and crew injuries, yet anchoring technology has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. The EU-funded AnchorGuardian project has a smart technology that monitors anchor movements and warns of imminent danger. Its creator, start-up Swiss Ocean Tech, hopes the technology will be regarded as standard maritime equipment to protect captains, crew, passengers and yacht owners within 10 years. They are currently working towards commercializing this disruptive, patented technology and have already established proof-of-concept product as well as completed market research. The maritime industry agrees that anchoring is still too dangerous and is ready to receive a solution like AnchorGuardian for maritime navigation.

Swiss Ocean Tech is a start-up with the purpose to create the very first worldwide solution for monitoring the position and absolute movements of a ships anchor and predict imminent dragging; AnchorGuardian. AnchorGuardian will provide safety during anchoring for captains, crew, passengers and yacht owners by identifying the dangerous dragging of the anchor. Thereby minimising / eliminating injuries to persons and damage to the ship because of collision or grounding. "Anchoring is the most dangerous condition for a ship" is a statement made by a captain which well summarises the view of an entire industry. Despite groundbreaking inventions in marine navigation such as GPS, radar, depth sounder and other achievements, the anchoring is basically done in the same way as hundreds of years ago.

For the first time ever, AnchorGuardian will enable the users to monitor the absolute movement and position of a ships anchor and to receive relevant information whilst laying and lifting the anchor. Sub-meter accuracy with early alarms if the anchor is dragging, independent of any movement of the ship, is provided. Such a monitoring device is not yet available anywhere in the marine industry, and we intend to revolutionise and dominate this market. AnchorGuardian is a disruptive, patented technology and will define the new state-of-the-art. In 10 years, AnchorGuardian shall be recognised as standard yachting equipment for anchoring, the same way as GPS is today recognized in maritime navigation. Market research has been performed and a conceptual model has established proof of technology."

More information about the project can be found at the project website.