Maritime Europe Strategy Action

The Maritime Europe Strategy Action (MESA - FOSTER WATERBORNE) was launched in order to support the activities of the WATERBORNETP Technology Platform, primarily by updating the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, with the aim of strengthening the effectiveness of the research and innovation capacities of the European maritime industry.

Four major themes were identified, and Thematic Technology Groups were initiated on Energy Efficiency, Safety, Production, and e-Maritime; each performing an in-depth analysis and assessment of the research achievements at EU and National level.

In addition, for each thematic area, gaps and RDI needs have been identified in the research reviewed, to assist in providing major timely recommendations for future RDI for the updating, by a bottom-up approach to RDI, of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and Implementation Plan of the WATERBORNETP.

At the same time, foresight activity will provide market, societal and regulatory trends studies, contributing to transport RDI policies, while an Integration Group will issue Strategic documents for the waterborne sector: VISIONS2030, Strategic Research Agenda, Innovation Agenda, Implementation Plan, consolidating the findings of the Thematic Technology Groups and the Foresight working group.

In order to help improve the visibility of past and ongoing research activities, these Groups identified a number of successful projects that would be “showcased” to demonstrate the impacts that they have made at the EU level, including commercial exploitation, resource efficiency, environmental benefits, and safety.

Results from the project can be found at the Waterborne site.