First results

The project delivered its first results, which are available here:

  • Project Management Plan, which includes a schedule per task, responsible partner, related subtasks, related deliverables, and dependencies on other tasks;
  • Data Management Plan, which provides an overview of all datasets used in the project and generated by the project and to define the LASTING consortium’s data management policy that is used with regard to these datasets;
  • Report on information gaps concerning innovation needs, in which key information gaps concerning the communication and awareness of innovation needs and technology challenges for RD&I in waterborne transport has be analysed along with the needs of the sector;
  • Report on Research Management Systems and Maintenance, which includes the RD&I-related research management system, together with monitoring and maintenance procedures;
  • Report on opportunities for participation, containing an overview of opportunities for both public and private entities to 1) engage in RD&I activities, 2) as well as the deployment of their results, 3) to identify gaps and 4) to draw measures to be taken to address these gaps;
  • Gap analysis recommendations, a handbook on tools and recommendations to fill innovation needs, implementing monitoring tools and increasing opportunities for participation in research;
  • Campaign Plan, the plan for the execution of the communication campaign as designed by LASTING;
  • Communication Materials, for the execution of the communication campaign;
  • Draft Plan for the Dissemination and Exploitation of the project’s Results;
  • Creative Concept, the concept and theme of the communication strategy of the LASTING project;
  • Campaign Evaluation Report, report on the evaluation of the campaign as executed in the first 16 months of the LASTING project

More information about the project will be available soon.