Green Shipping Expert Group

The Green Shipping Expert Group (GSEG) forms the core body of the project and it will provide recommendations to the European Commission regarding the pathways towards zero-emission waterborne transport, in terms of defining R&I priorities, necessary policies, regulations as well as investment priorities.

The members of the GSEG will pave the way towards zero-emission Waterborne Transport for Europe. The group will consist of a limited number of key stakeholders representing the waterborne sector, EU Member States and representatives of the European Commission. It will be tasked with reviewing and commenting documents, participating to the strategy evaluation workshops and contributing by presenting pre-competitive developments regarding zero-emission transport at the level of their organisation.

Although the Expert Group will be installed in the framework of the project, the activities will continue after the project lifetime, by monitoring and assessing the implementation of the Strategy defined and adapting where necessary.

The Green Shipping Expert Group (GSEG) has been formed with 40 experts selected out of more than 80 applications received from high-profile professionals across Europe.


Member list