Zero emission shipping

Green and clean waterborne transport

Courtesy of Wallenius Wilhelmsen


Waterborne transport will become the most sustainable mode of transport. To that end, all harmful environmental emissions (including gaseous and carbon emissions) as well as water pollution and noise emissions will be eliminated. Shipping and inland navigation also will shift their power generation towards sustainable options, including renewable energies. The sector’s targets are two-fold: first tackle new-build short sea ships and inland barges (by 2030), and then address all ship types operating in all trades (by 2050). To realize these targets, a cross-sectoral cooperation with other modes of transport and even other sectors, embracing the overall logistics chain, will be essential.


The European Waterborne sector will build and operate economically competitive ships that completely eliminate harmful emissions to air, water and noise from inland navigation by 2030 and all shipping by 2050 and exceed the IMO GHG emission reduction goals as well as the NRMM Stage V limits for inland navigation.

We shall eliminate any negative influence of shipping to the environment of people, flora and fauna, enabling customers to choose the most sustainable form of transport.

The European Waterborne industry will extend its global leading position in green maritime technology and expertise to increase the market share of European shipping and shipbuilding companies, providing new highly qualified jobs and stimulating growth.


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