Connected and automated waterborne transport

Towards maritime autonomy

Courtesy of Rolls Royce


Digitisation will connect smart ships and barges as well as smart ports and smart infrastructure. It will enhance data flows. It will also lead to a higher degree of automation and autonomy, automated and autonomous systems, ship and barge operations and remote controls from the shore by 2030. Future ships and barges will be designed so that they can be continuously updated with latest digital technologies throughout their lifecycle. Connectivity and automation will not only improve maritime operations, safety or the energy efficiency of waterborne transport. They will also improve logistic flows.


The European Waterborne sector intends to increase efficiency, flexibility and safety as well as to guarantee performance in the overall Waterborne transport system by means of transformation of business models and automation of operations, thereby increasing the share of Waterborne transport in the worldwide logistics chain.

We will develop, implement and maintain automated and interconnected work processes in waterborne integrated systems and infrastructures, enabled by smart and connected ships, with a focus on improving efficiency in waterborne logistics. The sector will aim at large scale introduction of resilient and secure autonomous operations in 2050.

We will extend our global leading position in integration and automation of Waterborne systems, utilizing our strengths in developing creative solutions and cooperation with all stakeholders. Europe will keep its position in firstĀ  deployment of integrated automated systems and will set the standards in data exchange and communications.


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