Operator-Centered Enhancement of Awareness in Navigation

Around 3,000 maritime incidents occur every year in the European maritime fleet.
28% of these accidents are categorised as severe or very severe accidents.

The OCEAN project is focused on enhancing operator awareness in navigation, to reduce the frequency of severe accidents like collision and grounding, to preserve the life of marine mammals, and to mitigate the risk presented by floating obstacles.


The OCEAN Mission


Raise awareness to increase safety and reduce whale strikes and maritime accidents.



Contribute to the mitigation of navigational accidents, supporting ship navigators and protect marine wildlife.



Developing the use of AI, Algorithms and machine learning to increase navigational safety.



Strive to reduce the resulting human, environmental and economic losses through socio-technical innovations.



Recommend improvements and amendments to regulations, standards and bridge equipment design approaches.


More information about the project can be found at the project website