Getting connected for efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at sea

EfficienSea2 has created and implemented innovative and smart solutions for efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at sea through improved connectivity for ships. EfficienSea2 has been a demonstrator in the Arctic and Baltic Sea and the first generation of a coherent e-Navigation solution. Through global collaboration, use of open-source software and an explicit aim for standardised solutions, EfficienSea2 paved the way for a global roll-out of e-Navigation.

EfficienSea2 has been led by the Danish Maritime Authority and had 32 dedicated partners from 12 countries in the Baltic Sea region and beyond, all carefully selected to ensure maximum impact of the developed solutions. The EfficienSea2 partner consortium united technical and human factor experts from the leading part of the maritime industry and academic institutions, European authorities and international standard-setting interest organisations. Together, we have created new and innovative solutions, transformed solutions into international standards and made solutions available all the way to our end users.

Have a look at their achievements in the following videos:

More information about the project can be found at the project website.