STrategic REsearch for innovAtive Marine propuLsIoN concEpts

The STREAMLINE project focused on the radical improvement of ship propulsion systems.

The first objective of STREAMLINE was to demonstrate radically new propulsion concepts delivering an increase in efficiency of at least 15% over current state-of-the-art. The concepts were designed for maximisation of energy conversion combined with low levels of cavitation, noise and vibration. The research looked at novel applications of large area propulsion, a biomechanical system and distributed thrust (via multiple propulsors).
As its second objective, STREAMLINE investigated methods to fully optimise current SoA systems including conventional screw propeller systems, pods and waterjets. The key here was exploitation of new CFD methods to pursue improvements without dramatic vessel configuration changes.
The third objective of STREAMLINE was to develop advanced CFD tools and methods to optimise the hydrodynamic performance of the new propulsion concepts, particularly by analysis of integrated hull and propulsor. 

The following video summarises the results from the STREAMLINE project: