Retrofitting towards climate neutrality

RESHIP is a three year Project that aims at enhancing energy efficiency performance and at addressing the current challenges for hydrogen usage onboard, including high energy demand, abrupt power spikes, demanding energy storage requirements. The specific and measurable objectives are listed as below.



Redesign open and ducted propellers with novel bioinspired features, Tubercle Assisted Propulsors (TAPs), using multi-objective design and optimisation methods to be hydrogen compatible and widely applicable to different vessel types. ESDReview the currently developed energy saving solutions and identify hydrogen preferred standalone and combined solutions for inland, short-sea and ocean-going shipping for both new builds and retrofits to reduce
the energy & storage demand and smooth shaft power.



Investigate operational energy efficiency of developed energy saving solutions during manoeuvring and harsh sea conditions with development in the novel and hydrogen compatible automation and control strategy. 



Research novel onboard hydrogen solution with energy efficient liquid inorganic hydrogen carrier HydroSil, to reduce the energy consumption in the process of storage, release and utilisation. 



Develop energy recovery solution with combined heat and power to revalorise the energy output (waste heat) in the release process from the onboard carrier HydroSil. WATERValidate the use of river/sea water as a reactant for the carrier at large scale; exploit the fresh water circulation onboard using the output from the fuel cell as the reactant for hydrogen release.



Investigate the impact on ship operation in ballasting and operational propulsion efficiency, due to the weight changes of the hydrogen carrier during release, two times heavier after release.



Perform prototype development and demonstration using the selected target vessel for a fullscale exploitation to investigate performance at sea. 



Research the potential impacts in technical, environmental, economic, safety and regulatory for the
applications to marine and inland waterway ships and fleets. 



Develop and standardise the developed technological solution; upscale the technology for high power
application; communicate with regulatory bodies for wider uptake.


More information about the project can be found at the project website