Optimized Wind Supported Vessels

Horizon Europe project OPTIWISE will develop and employ holistic design and control methods for ground-breaking new ship concepts, utilising wind propulsion while considering realistic operational scenarios.

With these methods we expect to showcase significant energy savings required to transform shipping into a more sustainable industry, while ensuring operational feasibility. The project is placed under an extensive effort to develop the technologies and market transformations that will facilitate achievement of zero emission maritime transport.

The project will involve 3 demo cases of wind propulsion concepts, as well as a general design and architecture proposal and a novel Energy Management System linked to voyage optimisation for Wind Supported Vessels.

Key Technologies

Holistic Concept & Design

  • Holistic optimisation procedure
    · New ship design concepts
    · Assessment procedures

Wind propulsion & Aerodynamics

  • Account for interaction effects
    · New design/innovations
    · Faster calculation methods
    · On-board monitoring & control

Powering & Hydrodynamics

  • Innovative propulsion concepts
    · Efficient side force generation
    · Regeneration systems

Integrated Operational Control

  • Energy management
    · Voyage optimisation
    · Wind propulsion control
    · Integration


  • Total System Optimisation
  • Smart Measurement and Control

More information about the project can be found at the project website