Safe and efficient storage of ammonia within ships

The NH3CRAFT project will develop a next generation sustainable, commercially attractive and safe technology for high-volume storage and transportation of ammonia as fuel on-board ships.

The project will focus on ammonia storage system design and demonstration on the case ship, including five desktop study case ships and scale up study.

The process will be realized by developing new design methodology that will offer the feasibility of 1,000 m3 storage of ammonia (NH3) in liquid form at a pressure of 10 bar and demonstrating it on a 31,000 deadweight ton multi-purpose vessel. In addition, for ensuring the wider applicability and refinement of the developed methodology, five (5) different type of vessels and corresponding fuel-storage tanks concepts will be studied and documented.

NH3CRAFT will showcase the entire NH3 supply chain in order to increase confidence in its use and promote its uptake. 

LCA and techno-economic evaluation will prove the sustainability and will support further exploitation and commercialization of the innovative solutions. 

The vision is to pioneer the reduction of GHG emissions by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008 and the eventual “elimination of total GHG emissions and air pollution” from shipping (SRIA for ZEWT goals) remaining consistent with the Paris Agreement. NH3CRAFT aspires to help Europe serve societal needs, maintain global maritime leadership, and support an innovation-driven industry with highly skilled jobs, safe, efficient, and sustainable technological solutions, with new international standards, rules, and regulations.

NH3CRAFT will have major impact on Europe's innovation-driven industry by providing highly skilled jobs, efficient technological solutions and international regulatory requirements.

NH3CRAFT will result in strengthening the competitiveness, growth and sustainability of European companies and research organizations.

More information about the project can be found at the project website