Retrofitting towards climate neutrality

The main objective of Green Marine is to significantly accelerate climate neutrality of water borne transport through retrofitting existing fleets with cost and emission control solutions. To support decision makers retrofitting protocols and a software tool catalogue that gathers knowledge will be developed and validated. We will demonstrate these tools and the innovative solutions aimed at carbon capture mineralisation, which also aids in deacidifying our seas; energy savings for HVAC systems through air-reuse; carbon and water capture with membranes, and the use of excess engine heat to produce a syngas to save on fuel consumption.

An ultra-sound technology will be tailored to suit vessels allowing air-reuse saving energy for HVAC systems and operated as pre-treatment enhancing a membrane carbon capture process. The Ca/Mg – alkali solvent capture process is capable of removing 75% of the CO2 from flue gases. All solutions will be demonstrated first on a land-based engine followed by the selection of the most suitable solution for a demonstration on a waterborne vessel. The (land-based) demonstrations will represent the operation of a majority of vessel engines. By developing retrofitting protocols, simulations of the solutions, data generated at the demonstrations a software catalogue tool will be developed. Through engagement activities this tool will gain more users and more knowledge, its value and effectiveness will increase for all users. The project aims to bring the different solutions to TRL 8. The demonstrations, the software tool catalogue, and the dissemination and exploitation activities ensure that project results will be replicated globally.

The consortium consists of 10 partners from 7 countries with 4 research institutes, 1 ship company, which will host a demo as end user and five SMEs.

More information about the project can be found at the project website