The Fast-track to ammonia in shipping

The overall goal of the Apollo project is to bring to its full technical maturity and commercial readiness the use of green ammonia engines for the waterborne transport sector.

This will allow to dramatically reduce GHG emissions and other pollutants, such as SOx, while generating new opportunities in the retrofitting of existing vessels, construction of new vessels and the production and bunkering of ammonia for ships.

The Apollo engine will replace at least 70% of its current MGO with ammonia, lowering the GHG emissions by 70% or more.

The Apollo solution can be adapted to all types of vessels, both on the Norwegian shelf, and internationally.

The consortium consists of 10 partners from 7 countries with 4 research institutes, 1 ship company, which will host a demo as end user and five SMEs. It is led by the maritime cluster, Maritime CleanTech. 

More information about the project can be found at the project website