STEERER Deliverable 2.2. presented to the IMO

In September, Markus Lehne, Managing Partner of BALance Technology Consulting, presented on behalf of the STEERER consortium the project results on decarbonation targets for waterborne transport in a gathering of GHG experts of the Member-States to prepare submissions to the IMO with respect to the revision of the IMO GHG reduction strategy.

The presentation was done following the proposal by Belgium and the Netherlands to include the STEERER results into the list of studies that the Commission proposes as part of an information paper to IMO on the modelling of alternative scenarios supporting the revision of the Initial IMO Strategy on reduction of GHG emissions from ships.

In his presentation, Markus Lehne shared a different perspective on pathways towards zero emission shipping by focusing on the remaining carbon budget and its implications for the reduction of GHG-emissions with the conclusion, that substantial GHG-emission reductions are urgently required. The presentation caught a lot of attention and induced a lively discussion among the participants.

The STEERER input and deliverable reflect the work and ambition of the R&I community, as STEERER is providing advice to the ZEWT Partnership. The STEERER results on the decarbonization targets are available in the public STEERER Deliverable 2.2.

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