Associazione Nazionale dell’Industria Navalmeccanica

ASSONAVE - Associazione Nazionale dell'Industria Navalmeccanica, headquartered in Rome, represents the majority of the Italian shipbuilding industry, bringing together construction and repair yards, producers of maritime components, equipment and systems as well as maritime research centres. It ensures direct and indirect employment to over 35,000 people and a production value of approximately € 5 billion, largely resulting from exports.

Its main task is the promotion of the national shipbuilding industry. To this end, it selects and promotes the most appropriate actions to be pursued with regards to national and international institutions, in addition to designing and developing ad hoc projects to achieve these aims.

Assonave is associated to Confindustria and founding member of Federazione del Mare, the Italian maritime cluster that draws together the vast majority of organizations in this sector. It is one of the main contributors to SEA Europe (The European Ships & Maritime Equipment Association), which represents shipbuilding companies and the supply chain towards European and international institutions.


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