Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

ICT developments will increase digitalization in all waterborne sectors

With massive growth in computational capacity and data storage capabilities, globally accessible networks and cloud infrastructure with increasing bandwidth, availability of smart devises (Internet of Things) and smart and cheap sensors, a significant increase of digitalization in all waterborne sectors is expected.

All waterborne sectors
The increasing ICT capabilities will lead to a higher interconnectivity of systems, which are more software dependent and contain of smart devices. Higher automation of systems and the availability of smart sensors will provide the opportunity to operate assets remote controlled, semi or fully autonomous. Complexity of systems will further increase and challenges the way they are tested and maintained throughout their entire life-cycle.

With the availability of globally accessible and more powerful data networks and cloud infrastructure interconnectivity between sea and shore will increase significantly, meaning that sea-based operations will become more supported and controlled by land-based operation centers.

The increasing interconnectivity between technical systems, the opportunities to have autonomous operations offshore, or to support and control offshore operations from shore, requires to secure systems and operations against cyber-attacks, but also against expected more severe weather conditions due to global warming.

The growing digitalization in all waterborne sectors will result in using electronically data as substitute for current legal paper documentation. It will also require solutions related to data ownership, data access, intellectual property right issues.


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