Maritime and Road Safety were the main topics discussed during the High Level Ministerial Conference

Priorities for the EU's Maritime Transport Policy until 2020

Courtesy of Waterborne member

Posted:  5 April 2017

A High-level Ministerial Stakeholders Conference on Road Safety and the Maritime Sector was organised between 28 and 29 March and it was attended by more than 400 delegates as well as a number of European Ministers. Over the course of the two-day meeting, two declarations were adopted, one on road safety and another on the maritime sector, two areas within the remit of the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure.

On 28 March, a Conference on the Maritime sector was also held, which took the form of a dialogue and provided a debate opportunity between European officials, officials in the industry and officials from countries outside the European Union with an interest in this sector. The conference was attended by the European Ministers responsible for the maritime sector, the European Parliament and the European Commissioner responsible for maritime transport. It was a excellent opportunity that brought together in Malta the chief stakeholders, including ministers responsible for the maritime sector from non-EU countries.

The programme opened with a stakeholders conference which was followed by a Ministerial meeting attended by the Secretary General of the IMO, ministers, MEPs and the Commission. The aim of this conference was to set up a forum for stakeholders with a special interest in this sector to discuss crucial matters in the maritime sector in the European context. This was an opportunity for decision-makers and industry members to meet and shape the future of European policies in the maritime sector.

On the 29 March, the discussion started the day before between several Ministers responsible for the maritime sector, as well as the IMO Secretary General, MEPs and the Commission was resumed. The outcome of this conference with regards to the Maritime sector, has been included in an agreement declaration between the Ministers present – Valletta Declaration – Priorities for the EU's maritime transport policy until 2020.

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