Paris Hydroelectric 2017 – Immersion

30 Jan 2017 - 5 Feb 2017

Much more than an exhibition, immersion is a showcase of the expertise of companies. Ideal to facilitate and promote trade and alongside euromaritime and eurowarerways know your river hydrokinetic, estuarine and marine and services. The immersion objective is to demonstrate that tidal energy is an essential component of the economy of our country. We invite investors and French International Green IT to meet you, your presence is essential.

- Affirm your position in the market and stand out from international competition
- Take part in the exhibition and conference is all about access to a major event
- Meet a large public interested in understanding the contribution of renewable energy
- Go to a professional event in Paris with a local and international influence
- Gain a strong media communication before, during and after the event.
- Be part of businesses, organizations, research centers, professionals who rely on the local and international economy.

No inscription needed for visitors.

Event location / Contact

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