Maritime RDI Events

Listing of events of interest to the Maritime RDI Community

Upcoming events

Past events

  • European Maritime Day 2016

    18 May 2016 -
    19 May 2016

    European Maritime Day is celebrated annually in Europe around 20 May. The EMD Conference welcomes Europe's growing maritime community to discuss, debate and exchange best practices. European Maritime Day in Turku 2016 will take place in an old locomotive hall called Logomo in Turku, Finland, on 18 and 19 May 2016.

  • TRA 2016: 6th European Transport Research Arena Conference

    18 Apr 2016 -
    21 Apr 2016

    MESA partners will be part of the Waterborne delegation attendng TRA 2016: 6th European Transport Research Arena Conference. Come and see us at TRA 2016 to learn more about maritime research in Europe, see examples of recent Success Stories and contribute your views on future research priorities.

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