Membership of the Waterborne TP

To reach the goals of the Waterborne TP, it is necessary to engage all relevant stakeholders of the waterborne sector and of society. Although we are already having members from the many segments of the waterborne sector, we would like to encourage you to join forces with us in stimulating research, development and innovation. Let's together tackle the challenges of the 21st century!


Upon joining the Waterborne TP, you will:

  • Participate in all discussions in our working groups on Ships & Shipping, Ports & Logistics and Blue Growth;
  • Have a say in the medium- and long-term R&D strategy of our sector;
  • Receive all relevant documentation from the EU related to funding opportunities for research & innovation, and it's implementation into the waterborne markets;
  • Receive all relevant documentation from other (Technology) Platforms the Waterborne TP is cooperating with, such as ALICE, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Europe, JPI Oceans, etc.

Are you interested in being part of the waterborne community by contributing to the objectives of the Waterborne Technology Platform? Please visit or contact our secretariat via



c/o SEA Europe, Rue de la Loi, 67 (4th floor), Brussels B-1000, Belgium

Tel. +32 2 230 2791

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