Airseas is bringing flight control technology to the shipping industry. Airseas combines leading kite technology with an automated flight control system developed by the aerospace industry to harness wind power; delivering a significant contribution to the shipping sector as it strives to meet its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction targets.

Kite, vessel, weather and routeing data are integrated in a digital twin to optimise performance, fuel, and emissions savings.

Safe, clean, reliable and compact, Airseas' Seawing technology requires minimal deck space, making it easy to retrofit. It has no interference with cargo operations or height restrictions on virtually all ship types. Automated release, flight and stowage at the press of a button means crew can focus on their work as there is no need for manual intervention. 

Backed by Airbus, we bring with us learnings about safety and navigation from the aviation industry. We have an uncompromising focus on safety, innovation and partnership for the long-term. We are driven by our passion for aeronautical and marine engineering solutions that innovate a cleaner future.  

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