SSPA Sweden

SSPA Sweden

Latest maritime knowledge 

SSPA has engaged in research, development and innovation activities in ship design and operations within the maritime sector for more than 80 years. Our expertise in areas such as optimum ship hull and propulsion design and mathematical modelling of ship motions in waves and confined waters has placed us as one of the world-leading maritime companies that offers the latest maritime knowledge. The company is fully owned by the non-profit Chalmers University of Technology Foundation, which ensures long-term commitment and independence.

 Sustainable maritime development

SSPA works in close cooperation with industry, academia and society. Our clients and partners are shipowners, shipbuilders, ports, manufacturers and maritime authorities all over the world. We are in the forefront of maritime development, qualified consulting services and applied research. SSPA has three departments: Ship Design, Maritime Consulting and Research. We have three scale model test facilities and a research simulator. Since 1940 more than 8,000 ship hull forms have been tested, including both merchant and naval vessels. Our research focus is on hydrodynamics and sustainable maritime transport. Efficiency, environmental impact and safety with respect to ship design, ports and waterways as well as maritime operations are key areas for our research.

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