Fondazione CS MARE


Fondazaione CS MARE promotes exchanges and catalyses synergies between public authorities, the production chain, especially SMEs, and European Institutions.

The digital revolution, the urgency of decarbonising our ecosystem and the need to provide the workforce with the required skills are unprecedented challenges for SMEs, which turn to CS MARE to identify a common route to address them.

In a nutshell, CS MARE aims at promoting private investments and channelling them towards common goals, in order to support both public actors and private companies in the deployment of national and European policies.

Enabling SMEs competetiveness through innovation is the reason why CS MARE looks at the EU Technology Platform Waterborne to monitor future scenarios and fine tune strategies accordingly.

The public-private synergies created through the Foundation encompass 6.000 logistics and transport companies, about 350.000 companies across different industries, ports, interports and other public authorities.

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