Bulgarian Executive Agency "Maritime Administration"

Bulgarian Executive Agency "Maritime Administration"

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Bulgarian Maritime Administration

The Bulgarian Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" is a legal entitiy on budget support to the Ministry of Transport, information technology and communications, a second level user of budget credits, based in Sofia with regional offices in Bourgas, Varna, Lom and Rousse.

The Agency's main activities include:

- Organization and coordination activities related to the safety of shipping in the sea spaces and inland waterways of the Republic of Bulgaria;

- Acting as liaison between the government and ships flying the Bulgarian flag;

- The excercise of control over:

a) Shipping safety requirements by Bulgarian and foreign ships;

b) Working and living conditions of seafarers;

c) Provision of services for traffic management and information of shipping maritime spaces, inland waterways, canals, ports in Bulgaria and other duly defined regions;

d) The compliance with the quality requirements for marine fuels;

- The organizatino and coordination of Search and rescue efforts;

- The organization of protection of the marine environment and the river Danube from pollution by vessels;

- The organization of seafarer proficiency exams;

- The issue of certificates of proficiency and professional competency of seafarers;

- Maintain the registers of ships, seafarers, ports and port operators in the Republic of Bulgaria.


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