About Waterborne

About Waterborne

WATERBORNETP  is an initiative that came forth from the Maritime Industries Forum (MIF) and its R&D committee in 2005 and is making strident efforts to regularly update R&D requirements for European competitiveness, innovation and the meeting of regulations like safety and environment. The stakeholders include EU associations covering deep and short sea shipping, inland waterways, yards, equipment manufacturers, marine leisure industry, research and university institutions, classification societies etc. The so-called stakeholder Support Group is matched by a Mirror Group of government appointed delegates.

The WATERBORNETP is one of the some 30 technology platforms in the EU and where appropriate possibilities for exchanges or other ways of cooperation are investigated. The Waterborne community has issued the Waterborne Declaration, in which it commits to play a critical role in helping to achieve the “Europe 2020” objective of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The WATERBORNETP published a VISION 2020 paper in 2005, a Strategic Research Agenda in 2006 and an Implementation Plan in 2007. In 2011 the WATERBORNE Declaration has been published as position paper for HORIZON2020. The Strategic Research Agenda and Implementation plan have been revised in 2011 and the renewed VISION2025 document has been published. The contents are been used by industry sectors, national R&D programs and not in the last place by the European Commission for defining the outline of and calls under the R&D Framework Programs.

For the latest updates on activities of the Platform, see this overview of the Current Status of Waterborne and the WATERBORNE Technology Platform Newsletters below.

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WATERBORNE Technology Platform Newsletter Issue 3, June 2016


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