COGnitive Logistics Operations through secure, dynamic and ad-hoc collaborative networks

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The increase volume of ecommerce and dynamics of manufacturing supply chains imply new challenges on both operational and technological views.

The main goal of COG-LO is to create the framework and tools that will add cognition and collaboration features to future logistics processes by:

  1. Introducing the Cognitive Logistics Object (CLO) by adding cognitive behavior to all involved Logistics actors and processes;
  2. Developing the environment that will allow CLOs to exchange information through ad-hoc social secure networks.

The main objectives of COG-LO are:

  • Definition of a Future Cognitive Logistics Objects reference implementation model that supports cognitive logistics behaviour;
  • Design and develop the necessary analytics and cognitive tools that enable complex event detection, context awareness and multi-criteria decision support.
  • To design and develop the collaboration platform based on hybrid ad-hoc social networks of CLOs.
  • To design and develop the COG-LO tools (Cognitive Advisor, which realizes the cognitive behavior of CLO based on the reference implementation model, and Tweeting CLOs, allowing CLOs to exchange information in ad-hoc Social IoT networks); 
  • To evaluate the COG-LO results via intermodal, cross-country and urban logistics pilot operations.
  • To introduce new business models for ad-hoc collaborations affecting all logistics stakeholders and create a community of Logistics, ICT and urban environment stakeholders.


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